Must buy a guitar

by Gromett January 29, 2015

I met some lovely ladies tonight and had a great night.  It reminded me of part of the reason why I went fulltiming which was to meet new people and enjoy life.

Amongst all the other interesting chats, I was reminded of my passion for music and tomorrow I must hunt for a new guitar…..

Busy week of problems.

by Gromett January 9, 2015

I was visiting mother on Monday to see how she was and to collect some parcels.  One of which was the tablet screen on the previous post.  I had finally got everything working again pretty much and was set for a week of doing some money earning work rather than catch up work.

Anyway my water pump has been a bit dodgy for a couple of weeks now and I occasionally have to bang the wall it is mounted to to persuade it to work.  I had looked at it previously and decided that it was the pressure switch that needed adjusting.   The reason I didn’t do it straight away was I was waiting until I was in a suitable location to do the work and that the water tank was empty.  When I built this van I built it with a fulltimers mentality and I didn’t put a drain valve in nor did I put a valve on the tanks outlet.

So back to Tuesday,  I woke up in the morning and went to the loo and as I sat down there was a clunk and the toilet came away from the wall.  Damnit was my first thought.  I finished up and went to flush and the water pump didn’t come on.  Double Damnit.

I was booked onto a campsite that day so I didn’t panic overly much. 

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Fixing my tablet.

by Gromett January 9, 2015

The new screen for my tablet arrived and I got that job done.  My first time stripping a tablet down and the job only took 10 minutes.  I am just glad it wasn’t an Apple Tablet all glued together.

First of all I took the back off the tablet.  Fortunately this was just clipped on so a small screwdriver was used to pop it off.

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Major Panic, WD40 to the rescue.

by Gromett January 3, 2015

Now I may have given the end of the story away in the title but you cannot imagine how much my heart sunk when this happened.

You may if you have read my blog remember that I fitted deadlocks to all my van doors.  Well today I popped out for a bit and when I came back to the van I couldn’t get in.

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Essentials to carry as a fulltimer.

by Gromett December 25, 2014

I was asked some time ago about stuff that I would recommend to carry in the van as a fulltimer.  Here is my list.  This is off the top of my head and excludes what I would consider obvious.

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