Another Toilet Disaster

by Gromett October 27, 2013

After fixing the handle on the toilet I thought I may have a bit of time before anything else goes wrong…   Ooops.

This again happens right after using the toilet but this time there is no way of escaping the nasties in the bowl.   The handle wouldn’t move the blade at all.  It felt jammed solid and I didn’t want to risk breaking the new rod.

After doing the nasty job of bailing the bowl out I then took the cassette out to see what was causing the problem. 

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Durham Ox CL Horncastle – Not recommended.

by Gromett October 5, 2013

This is the first time I have been to a CL that I will never go back to and have felt the need to make a post about.

Durham Ox

First off the Site itself is nice enough and the pub is pleasant enough however there are enough issues….

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Broken Toilet – Uh oh…

by Gromett September 12, 2013

The handle on my toilet went loose and there was no movement on the blade.  This was a scary moment as this was just after making a deposit….

I pulled the handle out and saw that the finger on the rod that the handle pushes onto had broken off.  There was no chance of repairing this so  bodge was in order.

I went to the local hardware store and bought a length of chromed steel tubing that I think was designed for wardrobe rails.  I also bought some dowel that slotted into it.

I pushed the tube over the rod and drilled a hole through both the rod and the tube and inserted a small bolt all the way through.  I cut some dowel to fit down the middle.  The tube then came about 6 inches above the point where the handle should have been and the dowel made it solid enough so that I could attach my mole grips to it.

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Internet on the go..

by Gromett September 11, 2013

At a recent show (Malvern) I was asked more times than I can count how I manage regarding internet access.  As I run an internet company this is an important subject for me.  I have a range of access methods so that I have many fallback positions.  Here I will just describe the best solutions I use.

Firstly I will describe my setup.  I have a 19″ rackmount main computer that is fitted into a cupboard.  This is my main computer and has many hard drives for media storage.  I then have 2 laptops a big desktop replacement one and a small netbook.   The reason for this is I need a great deal of disk storage and a powerful machine for work.  This is the main system.  However this is only any use when I am on hookup.  The large laptop is for working when I am not on hookup.  This pulls 5 Amps so I can’t really run it all day every day if I am off hookup for extended periods.  I then have the small netbook which I can take out of the van with me and only draws 1Amp and will go for a whole day on 1 charge.

I then have a blackberry phone and an android phone.  The android phone is mainly for data and also runs a Skype client for my “Landline”

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Malvern Weekend Trip

by Gromett August 21, 2013

I got back from a weekend at Malvern yesterday.   I wish circumstances were different as I would have stayed for a week or more and taken a walk up the hills etc.

Here are a couple of videos I took.

This one is from the Cowboy display area in the show ground itself.

This one is from the event tent on Saturday night just before the rain started.

During the party it chucked it down with rain,  just after the rain finished I went out for a smoke and could see the clouds low over the hills.  It looked amazing.  I am not sure you can see them fully here?

I did however manage to get a (wobbly video) of the hills in the sun..