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Self Build Quandry

by: Gromett September 7, 2009

I was going to be doing a self build based on a 7.5T Iveco truck.  Having been fulltiming now for 4 months I am rethinking this.  The size of the truck while not a problem for driving may crimp me in other ways that I am starting to rethink.  I am now looking at using […]

The cat has gone

by: Gromett September 4, 2009

The owner came round to pick him up this evening,  I am so sad to see him go he has been great company over the last month. I miss him already.  Here is the last picture from this afternoon. Click for full size

Cats owner contacted me because of facebook

by: Gromett September 1, 2009

A friend of mine recognised the cat today as belonging to one of his neighbours who was frantic that her cat had gone missing.  Looks like I am losing what has become a great companion for me. Didn’t expect to become so attached to him so quickly. What is surprising is the owner lives 2 […]