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Just got a video of the Horse from last night.

by: Gromett March 12, 2015

Busy week of problems.

by: Gromett January 9, 2015

I was visiting mother on Monday to see how she was and to collect some parcels.  One of which was the tablet screen on the previous post.  I had finally got everything working again pretty much and was set for a week of doing some money earning work rather than catch up work. Anyway my […]

Durham Ox CL Horncastle – Not recommended.

by: Gromett October 5, 2013

This is the first time I have been to a CL that I will never go back to and have felt the need to make a post about. First off the Site itself is nice enough and the pub is pleasant enough however there are enough issues….

Gasit, Fast Delivery, Fast Response and Great Prices.

by: Gromett March 13, 2012 They are now doing refillable gas cylinders that are identical in all but colour much cheaper than the cheapest Gaslow supplier. £109 without gauge and  £115 with.  This is the all inclusive price including delivery. I queried them regarding cylinder 2 prices at 01:15 on this morning and at 07:49 they replied and […]

Nice day today so last big panel vinyl wrapped

by: Gromett October 23, 2011

The big flat panels are actually harder to do solo than the complex panels like the bonnet and the wings.  If I wanted to do this on a newer van and wanted a fully professional finish I would have two people on the job.  It’s not really possible to get a perfect finish in a […]