Yearly Archives: 2009

All parts now in the Bus

I now have all the plumbing, heating, electrical and waste parts in the Bus.  I just need to […]

Fed up of this wind

For the last 10 days it has been hard to get a decent nights sleep due to the […]

Changing from 12mm to 15mm

It appears that the 12mm pipework and fittings is actually 1/2″ and is more expensive than the 15mm […]

Finally have the parts

I now have a water tank, a tiny sink, a water pump, the pipework and some fittings. 1 […]

Repairing fiberglass today

Today was quite a productive day.  I removed all the stickers on the back relating to it’s previous […]


Painting Windows

I am eventually going to replace the glass windows with aluminium panels painted to match the rest of […]