Yearly Archives: 2013

Another Toilet Disaster

After fixing the handle on the toilet I thought I may have a bit of time before anything […]

Internet on the go..

At a recent show (Malvern) I was asked more times than I can count how I manage regarding […]

Malvern Weekend Trip

I got back from a weekend at Malvern yesterday.   I wish circumstances were different as I would have […]

Still Stuck in Coningsby

As the title says I am still stuck in Coningsby.  The gap between mothers first operation and the […]

Catchup post

For the last 6 months I have been parked within locked gates of a Joinery factory helping a […]


Fixed the Sink finally

Finally got the motivation to strip down the bathroom dropdown sink and fix the massive hole that the […]

MOT and repairs

I finally have a date when Mum gets into Hospital.  28th March is the date.  She will be […]