About Me

I am a freelance Server Admin which I do remotely. I have qualifications in Electrical Engineering and Electronics along with minor Quals in Engineering.

I have sold my house and all my possessions and am aiming to tour Europe.

My interests for the sake of this Blog are

  • Computers mainly programming and server admin under Linux
  • Music – I play guitar and drums… Well I make some noise on them
  • Motorhoming – I enjoy my travels and prefer to do it in the comfort of my own home.

PLEASE NOTE:  This site is currently undergoing  a redesign,  so some images (thumbnails) are missing and some categories are rather sparse.  I need to go through my posts and add an image to each one and redo the categories for a lot of posts.  Once this is completed I will be able to organise the site in a more orderly fashion.  This might encourage me to post more frequently.