Asus Netbook 1005p

My Sony Vaio laptop gave up the ghost last week.  It was an old model dating back to 2002 if memory serves and had been a fantastically usefull tool.  I started looking for a netbook last week and had narrowed it down to either a Samsung N220 or an Asus 1005P.  I went with the ASUS.

First impressions are excellent.  The keyboard is extremely usable and as a touch typist I never thought I would say that about a laptop.  It does seem to be overloaded with free software so I will have some fixing to do with the original install.  For example MS office is coming off as I speak.  Trend Micro will be going next and why on earth is MSSQL server installed on a netbook?

Anyway once I have used it in anger for a day or two I will post a full review.

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