Fixing my tablet.

The new screen for my tablet arrived and I got that job done.  My first time stripping a tablet down and the job only took 10 minutes.  I am just glad it wasn’t an Apple Tablet all glued together.

First of all I took the back off the tablet.  Fortunately this was just clipped on so a small screwdriver was used to pop it off.

2015-01-09 11.50.30

I could now see where the ribbon cable from the touch sensitive part of the screen came through.  This type of connector I had seen before in my blackberry phone so I knew that I just had to pop the slider off.  I then looked closely at the new glass and could see it was held onto the tablet by sticky tape which was attached to the plastic surround of the glass not to the glass itself.  So I used the same screwdriver to push break the tape in the old glass.

2015-01-05 15.23.15

Here you can see it removed.  I then did a rough install of the new screen and tested it to ensure it worked.

2015-01-05 15.25.44

It did.  Here are the two parts side by side before I pulled the tape off and stuck it back down.

2015-01-05 15.24.30

My only concern was that the glass had to drop into a slight recess and I was worried I might miss it and the sticky stuff wouldn’t allow me to retry.  Guess what.  I missed by about 1mm.

The plastic surround sits a little proud on one end but I am ok with that as I have a working tablet again for only £18.00 rather than throwing an almost £100 tablet in the bin.