Satellite internet much cheaper now 5

I have been saving up for the Alden Netmaster.  It costs £4,000 as near as damnit.

This has just been brought to my attention, its called Astra2Connect and costs £300 for the hardware plus a monthly subscription.

The downside is its not automatic and I will have to setup a tripod and dish outside the van.  The upside is it’s £3,700 cheaper and means I can get to Europe this year rather than next year.

I will post more when I find out more about it.

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5 thoughts on “Satellite internet much cheaper now

  • Rul


    I’ve found this site while googleing about astra2connect. I’m planning to be fulltiming too, and this option looks very promissing indeed. You’ve got my email now, so keep me posted if you find anything interesting! I’ll do the same!

    Good luck and hope you can be fulltiming soon!


  • admin Post author

    I am actually fulltiming already 🙂
    Started on the 1st May but am pretty tied down to where I can go due to needing internet access for my work. Will be getting one of these in a couple of weeks and will post more as I find out about it.

  • admin Post author

    Thanks Shane, I wasn’t aware of the limited coverage but….
    It will suite me for my first year. I won’t be doing Spain or Italy until the year after by which time I hope to have saved enough for the Alden NetMaster.