What software for fulltiming?

I run a small internet company which I run whilst on the road.  Having 24 hour a day internet access is vital for me so I use a selection of 3G dongles.  The software I use when on the road is as follows.Word Processing & SpreadSheets:

For this I use OpenOffice and nothing else.  It is OpenSource and Free.


For this I use Thunderbird and have RoundCube installed on my server for webmail access.

Web Browser

As I need to be able to replicate client issues across multiple platforms and Multiple browsers I have all the major browsers installed on my computer but the one I use for day to day stuff is Mozilla FireFox.

SSH Client

For this there is only one possible solution and that is Putty.

Graphics and Photo’s

For this I use Gimp and RealDraw.  Gimp is fantastic for photo manipulation, correction and resizing.  I use RealDraw for doing Logo’s and other vector Graphics.

Note taking

For this I use TreePad which is a document editing/management program that operates in a tree mode.  See their site you may find this useful.

Planning projects

XMind allows you to create diagrams helping you to describe a project including details in a nice and easy to manage format.  Have a look at this as it’s not obvious from my description how useful this software can be.

Archive Management

I used to use WinZip but 7Zip is just as good.  It is opensource and free

FTP Client

For this I have just moved from CuteFTP to FileZilla.  Again this is opensource and free.

PDF Viewer

For this I have dumped Adobe due to the non stop security issues and moved across to the fast and lightweight SumatraPDF view.  Very Very FAST.  Again this is OpenSource and Free.

PDF Editor/Creator

Normally I would use OpenOffice and save it as a PDF but I also use pdfEscape occasionally.

Music Player.

As I buy my Music from Itunes that is the only software I use now.

Cad/Design Software

For this I use Home Plan Pro.  It is basic but after getting used to it I am reasonably productive.  It is $39 to buy after the trial period is up.

Bandwidth monitoring / usage meter

For this I use NetWorx from SoftPerfect A very very useful tool.

And that about covers what I have installed on my computer….

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