Current Plans

I have had various plans over the years,  there has always been an issue or problem that has messed them up.  From tenants that wrecked the house and didn’t pay the rent, to a parent falling ill, to helping friends out who were in some difficulty.

So now I don’t plan I just decide then do.  Life has become much simpler now I don’t plan ahead too much.  Travel is not so much the priority at the moment due to the old van.

The only plan that is definitely in the pipeline is a conversion of a new van.  The current one is now showing it’s age a bit too much for my comfort so a newer van is probably a necessity now.

Next year looks like the year I actually start getting around a bit.   I am looking at the South West for 2 months as I have never been to Cornwall or Devon or any of the Counties in that part of the country.

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