Another Toilet Disaster

After fixing the handle on the toilet I thought I may have a bit of time before anything else goes wrong…   Ooops.

This again happens right after using the toilet but this time there is no way of escaping the nasties in the bowl.   The handle wouldn’t move the blade at all.  It felt jammed solid and I didn’t want to risk breaking the new rod.

After doing the nasty job of bailing the bowl out I then took the cassette out to see what was causing the problem.  The handle moved freely but the blade on the cassette couldn’t be coaxed into moving no matter what pressure I applied to the knob on the cassette.

I went to do some googling and soon found out how to remove the blade assembly.   I took this out with a great deal of effort and rinsed it thoroughly.  Upon examination it became clear that it was caked in limescale that was in some places almost quarter of an inch thick.  Fortunately I had a large jar of pickling vinegar which I used to descale the kettle.

I used a small wire brush,  a small scraper and copious quantities of vinegar and eventually remove the bulk of the limescale.  This took over 3 hours but the blade was moving but it just didn’t feel right.  I knew it would only last a few weeks or months at most before causing me more problems.

I ordered a new blade assembly the next day and fitting it was very very easy.  This is what it looks like for those who are curious but don’t want to take their own to pieces..  (click pictures for full size views)

Thetford Blade Assembly

Thetford Blade Assembly



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