At Studley, Near Alcester

Parked at the back of a pub.  I am meeting up with 12 other fulltimers for a get together.  Should be a nice weekend.

The solar panel is not doing enough but I now know that 3 panels in total will be enough to keep me fully topped up.

Another £300 but well worth it if it stops that ruddy generator noise…..

Studley is a nice little village, with an extremely busy road.  The Moat House Inn is a delightful pub that does excellent food.  I had a roast pork dinner last night for £7.95.  Top quality.

The generator has been a lifesaver.  I know, I know I hate the damn things but most useful.   I am having a solid steel box/rack made to mount it on the back of the van securely.

It started raining today and I didn’t want to put the generator back in the van as it was still hot and smelly.  So I had to dive round to the caravan shop and spend £80 on a utility tent to put it in between cloud bursts.

Oh well the life of a full timer.  Once I have the box on the back I will have a utility tent for sale……

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