Back on Hookup

After 7 weeks I have a hookup again.  The solar panels meant that It didn’t take long for the batteries to get back up to 100%.

It’s nice being back at Louth on a very quiet and pleasant campsite and I can get caught up with some work.

This weeks big job is fitting a remote control to the central locking system.  Currently I have to use the drivers door lock to lock the van which is a pain as it is on the opposite side to the habitation door.  Having a remote lock will be very handy.  I will post more details as I get on with this job.

I have just upgraded the hard drive in my big laptop so that I can partition it for installing linux.  This will be a dual boot system.  At the moment I either have to be connected to the internet or boot up my small laptop in order to be able to do any development work.  With the dual boot system I can drop back to windows 7 for when I want to run my iTunes etc.  It will make life much simpler….

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