Bad news, MOT Failure


I now have a big list of jobs to do on the van itself.

  1. Drivers wing mirror broken and not adjustable (I have bought a new one already)
  2. Both front headlamps need adjusting (adjusters broken new headlamps needed)
  3. Strut top bearing siezed, resulting in steering tightness.  Steering system excessively tight (new strut top bearing on order)
  4. Nearside front (rear bush) Suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated resulting in excessive movement.
  5. Brake load sensing valve linkage siezed solid.
  6. Near side rear parking break recording little or no effect.  it was showing 35 on the meter in comparison to almost 600 on the offside. (I watched the meter)
  7. Parking brake efficiency below requirements.

I have yet another list of jobs to do.  I think this is going to cost me around £500 to set right and will delay my departure unfortunately.

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