Belvoir Castle Meet and new solar panels installed

I arrived at Belvoir Castle yesterday around 13:30 and promptly got on with installing my 2 new 80Watt solar panels.

Pretty straight forward job and took just under 2 hours including time to make the brackets.

Its a result.   At 10am this morning my batteries were back up to full charge.  With the fridge on and my big laptop going I am still seeing 1.8 amps going into the battery which is excellent.

The fridge pulls 5.9 amps and the laptop 3-4amps.  So the solar panels are producing 9 amps at 11am with a not totally clear sky.

When I turn the laptop off and the fridge switches off I am still seeing 1.9 amps going into the battery which is due to them being full.  I am a very happy camper at the moment.

The castle on the hill looks beautiful,  however it is very windy here and as per usual Warners run events it is very regimented.  I am looking forward to meeting up with all the motorhome fun mob though.

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