Best sound in the world ever….

I just arrived at RAF Coningsby to visit my mum after a weekend at the Peterborough show (more on that later) and as I arrived the Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane flew over.  I decided to continue up the road to the plane spotter area and enjoyed 2 and a half hours of none stop antics of those three plus a couple of Eurofighters and a Tornado in strange livery.

I still can’t get over how much the sound of the Lancaster gets to me.  Such a beautiful sound.  After it had done its first bit of show boating it landed.  Half an hour later it parked up right opposite the viewing area facing directly away from us and throttled up it’s engines.  It blew a great cloud of dust, straw and engine fumes at us.  What an experience.

Now I am not a plane head but I have enjoyed the last couple of hours immensely.

In between the two stints of the BBMF a Tornado took of on full reheat (afterburners for you yanks out there).  I was stood at the end of the runway just off centre of the engines and had to put my fingers in my ears.  It was LOUD…..

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