Catchup post

For the last 6 months I have been parked within locked gates of a Joinery factory helping a friend out with his Company.  Not much to post about that.I had a bit of a run in with an industrial saw 3 weeks before I was due to leave and my thumb was out of action for quite some time.  It is still pretty painful now and again..  I am leaving it until the nail grows out and if I am still in any pain I will consult a doctor.

After that I was supposed to go to my Mums to help her when she came out of hospital.  However her first visit was cancelled as they were missing some specialist equipment.  I decided to go to my favourite CL at Louth.

Here is a quick video look at the site.  (click on the youtube logo at the bottom right corner to view it in higher resolution.  I have posted them at full 1080p)

Mother then went into hospital for what I thought would only be 5 days.   We are now onto day 17..  However we don’t know when she will be out so I moved closer and stopped on a CL in Coningsby.  This turned out to be a good move as the weather improved immediately and this brought out the Battle of Britain Memorial flight who were struggling to get in enough practice time before the display season.  I was getting non stop displays from the BBMF, the Typhoons,  the Tornados.   I also saw a saber which I have never seen before and a couple of what I believe to be F15s did a fly by.  Here are a couple of videos from my time at the CL.

And yes that is my van at the beginning.

Here are two more I took from the road just on the other side of the house.


I am now parked outside mothers house hoping that she will be out of hospital tomorrow.  I will be pretty much stuck in Coningsby for the next 3 months so I won’t have much of interest to post I don’t think.  However I am planning to go to the BBMF and have a mooch round the hanger.  If I do I will see if I am allowed to take pictures and will post them if I can.

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