Clearing House for FullTiming

This is probably the hardest stage for most people when they decide to go FullTiming. Clearing your house and deciding what you are taking and what you are leaving is perhaps for most people heartbreaking. Fortunately for me I attempted to go FullTiming 3 years ago which failed for a number of reasons. That attempt means that over the last 3 years I have not really been buying stuff but have at the back of my mind thinking If I didn’t have my house I could do without this and that. I created a list a couple of months ago of stuff I would definately be taking and here it is.

  • Clothes – But much reduced. Being a bloke I have a fairly small wardrobe with 3 pairs of shoes and then a smart and casual set. Not much trimming needed.
  • Books – I will be attempted to sell my books when I am on the road as this will give me a small income stream for a while. I have the Sony PRS-505 which all future books will be kept on.
  • CD’s – These will be going into storage as I have them all on my iPod now.
  • Computers – I will have to cut this down dramatically. I will just take 1 main computer for use when on hookup and a decent laptop for the rest of the time.
  • DVD’s – I will be keeping most but getting rid of around 30% of them which I have no interest in watching again.
  • Cameras – I will be keeping these and possibly extending my collection. They don’t take up much space

I will be keeping one small box of ornaments and trinkets, mainly stuff that people have given me as gifts. These will be put into storage until I build my large Iveco Conversion.

There will be stuff such as Electric Irons, Pots and Pans etc but these will be reduced to the absolute minimum. For example I have a nice collection of stainless steel pans. My hob only has 3 burners so I will not take the large ones in the collection. I also have things like Woks and deep base frying pans that can all go. I am really looking to be as minimal as possible.

The large screen TV, The leather sofa’s, American Cherry wood furniture etc will all have to go. I am not having a TV in my Van.

I will however be extending my toolkit.

Overall, I have my work cut out for me but none of it is emotionally charged (Luckily) and will just be more nuisance and physical. I may even end up getting a skip and just binning loads if it gets too much….

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