Corralling Horses

Last night I heard/felt a load of thuds and horses neighing all around the van.   I got my shoes on and torch out and went out to see what was going off.   A large white horse called Blue had escaped his field.  Now approaching a strange horse in the dark when you are not accustomed to being around such large animals was a bit scary but I knew his name so called out to him.

He came to me and allowed me to fuss him.   So I pulled gently but firmly on his jacket to lead him back to his field.  He reluctantly came with me until I got to the top of the track leading him to his field at which point he nudged my arm that was holding his jacket.  When I kept pulling him he nudged me again a bit harder.  When this didn’t work he gave me a stronger push which I wasn’t going to fight…  He then wandered back amongst the vans to eat the nice fresh grass.

My big concern was that the field next to the campsite holds another couple of horses one of which is called Bobby.  Now Bobby I believe is an adolescent although I could be wrong.  He behaves like a stroppy aggressive teenager.  Anyway,  Bobby was racing down the field and neighing loudly then running back up the field right at where Blue was grazing which was causing Blue to react by running about a bit.   I was getting concerned for his safety as this was amongst the vans with hookup leads and posts, waste hogs etc.   I didn’t want him to get hurt or to damage any of the vans.

I tried to coax him back to his field and we had a repeat performance of the nudging.  Anyway as I was walking back to my van I noticed that the lights in the stable at the other end of the property were on so I ran up there hoping one of the horse ladies was there.   Luckily a young lass was up feeding her horse and came down.  She found a bridle,  I think that’s what it is called and I coaxed Blue across to her.   He stood very quietly and placidly while she put it on then followed her up to the stable.   She decided to put him in the stables as we couldn’t easily see how Blue had escaped with it being dark.  She said it was pointless putting him back in the field until we knew how he got out.

Anyway with the excitement over I went back to the van,  had another beer and got undressed ready for bed.  Next thing I know there is a loud commotion again.   Another horse from a different area must have seen Blue out and thought that looks like fun.   I don’t know how he escaped either but he was galloping around the vans having some fun.  Luckily the young lass who had helped with blue had phoned Blue’s owners who had arrived on scene by this time.   They got Eddie roped up and taken up to the stables also.

After half an hour stood around chatting and meeting the horses I finally got back to a peaceful campsite and back to bed.

Today though the nice pitches are covered in horse hoof prints.  and Blue shouts for me ever time I get out of the van.  He recognises me as a friend I think and wants a fuss.  Harmony another horse here who is in the field right next to my van always greets me this way as well.

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