Drivers CPC day 2

Wow,  What a great day.  We learned loads of useful stuff such as drivers hours,  The European Working Time Directive and other limitations on the hours you can work and drive.  This is to ensure that drivers are not driving while tired and to ensure that all transport companies are working on a level playing field.

The afternoon was spent on learning how to use the Analog and Digital tachographs and the rules and regulations surrounding them.  As a new entrant into the profession this stuff was valuable and interesting.   We also learnt little things like when you can drive without one, what to do if it is lost, stolen, damaged or faulty plus loads more.  I may not remember everything I learned but when I come across it in future I will know it exists and will know to look something up.  Without this course I could have had £2500 fines etc.

I seriously enjoyed today and the course is now proving to be a worthwhile investment.   The instructor made what should be a seriously dull subject lively and interesting.  Plenty more anecdotes and stories.   Fantastic.

I really do have to eat my words.  I was totally wrong in my pre-judgement of this course and it is well worth the £329.00 I spent on it.