Drivers CPC day 3

Well things just keep getting better.  Today we dealt with the rules and regulations regarding weight, load securing, vehicle dimension regulations plus loads more.  I learned how to safely load my cargo and secure it and the consequences of getting this wrong.   You would not believe how much there is to learn on this subject and we only just skimmed the surface today.  We had loads of examples of good loads and bad loads both photo’s and videos a lot of which scared the hell out of me.  Lots of stories about spilled loads and why with more funny anecdotes and some really tragic stories that made you realise just how important load security really is.  I can actually go to prison for 14 years if I get this shit wrong.   To be honest I think 2 days on this subject would not be dull.  We also covered bridge strikes,  loads that extend beyond the vehicle and health and safety issues whilst loading and unloading.   I am now looking at health and safety regulation in a whole new light and will never complain about H & S gone mad again.  We also learned the different cargo handling/packaging methods like pallets, crates and trollies etc.  Wow so much to learn and remember.

We did our first practical session this afternoon where we went hands on with straps, bars and ropes.  I learned how to do a dolly knot which I will probably never use on a truck but what a great and useful knot that is.  I was unfortunately taught by one of my class mates who was left handed.  The only lady on the course is left handed and was taught by the instructor who was right handed.

In the afternoon break we both decided to have another go and she confused the hell out of me because I was doing it the left handed way and she was doing it right handed.  It was funny.

That being said I can now do it either way, but I am currently faster doing it left handed.

The people on the course are a varied mix,  from an unemployed gentleman who was sent on it by the job center.  An elderly gentleman who has retired but wants to keep his license.  There is ex military who need to get some civilian quals to keep their license, experienced old hands and even a couple of Polish lads.  On the whole a great bunch and good to learn with and have a laugh with.

Something as simple as not having the load right up against the front of the load bed or packing the gaps can cause this to happen.  Scary.


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