Duvalay Review

I have finally bought one of these much talked about Duvalay matress topper and duvet combined.   I am stuck as to why people recommend them so much to be honest.

Up until now I have been using a standard double duvet which I doubled over.  I slept in between it using it as both the base and the cover.

The reason I went for the Duvalay is that it is tricky to get a double duvet into the cover in such a small van.  I thought that the duvalay would make this much easier with the cover and base being zipped up separately.

Anyway,  First impressions were not good.  The material felt lightweight and cheap to me.  It was replacing a cheap cotton cover I got from Wilkos.  It feels like a mixture of nylon and cotton like a cheap sleeping bag.  The fit feels a bit poor with the duvet internal not really feeling quite at home in the cover.   If you want to have it opening the opposite way you need to turn it inside out which means the zips are on the inside.  I didn’t think this would be a problem but the base cover is not fitted and every night the cover twists round the memory foam base so that the zip ends up running the full length of where you want to sleep.  You end up with red lines running down your body and some discomfort from them.  I am sure if I used it the correct way round this wouldn’t be quite such an issue.  Also over a period of a few days the matress topper element can wrinkle up and sometime the only way to correct this is to unzip it all and refit it all back together.  This is also not as easy as I had hoped it would be.

Over all for £120 I am seriously disappointed.  It is still a very very small step up from a doubled over duvet but not by much.   I won’t be buying another.   For £120 I will buy a couple of cheap single duvets and get a seamstress to modify them to my design.

If you still want to buy one you can get them from here.   http://www.duvalay.co.uk/4cm-luxury-sleeping-bag

Other people are still raving about them so it may just be my set up that is causing the issues….

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