Electricity usage in the home and fulltiming

Currently at home I use on average 16KW hours a day. I purchased a little plugin meter some months ago to find out what I was using all that power on.

What suprised me most is that my TV uses the most at 248Watts an hour… This was closely followed by my computer setup at 203Watts per hour.

Although my Electric shower is a 12KW item as I am only in it for 10 Minutes a day it only uses 2KW hours per shower. The TV is on pretty much all day say 14 Hours and the computer is on 24/7. That puts the TV and computer at 8WK hours per Day. The rest is used by smaller items such as the Sky HD Box, Central Heating Pump and lighting.

I am quite reassured to know that when I move into the van without the computer being on all day and not having a TV at all my electricity requirements will be much easier to handle.

My highest power usage in the Van is likely to be the Alden Netmaster which pulls 3Amps at 12Volts but this is only when it is in use. I will have to check but does this mean it is using 3amps from when you login to when you logout or is it just 3Amps when you are actually making an access such as downloading a web page or email?

I have 880 AH of power in the van so this should give me a week off hookup. When I re-install some solar panels I should be able to extend this quite a bit.

I will over time be making more posts regarding power usage in the van….

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