Fantastic Night

What a great night I have just had.  I was relaxing in my van and I heard a band doing Freebird in the pub.  I had a wander across and the band was amazing.  I couldn’t see them fully but it looked like a 7 person band and the sound was incredible.  They were practicing so not a live gig.

I went to the bar as one song ended and in the other room there was a 5 piece brass band having a practice as well.

WOW,  what a choice.  Both bands sounded amazing and I had a choice of music to listen to.

A couple of notes  about the pub.

I have eaten here twice now and both meals were top quality.  The service is excellent and the place is extremely clean.  I watched as one of the owners told one of the girls to go round and clean all the chair legs and table legs as they had a bit of dust on them.  It’s really nice to see such attention to detail in a pub.   Beer is £3 a pint which is not untoward these days.  The staff are really friendly, helpful and attentive.

If you want to camp here the night they have a nice field out the back which will cost you £5 per night.

Overall this is one of the better stopping points I have been to for quite some time.

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