Finally getting things in motion.

I have just started packing.  I have 4 piles of stuff in the front room now.

  • Stuff to go to the tip
  • Stuff to shred/burn   business documents dating back 11 years that are not needed but can’t be thrown
  • Stuff I want to keep/take with me
  • Stuff that is ok but don’t need anymore.

I kind of wish I had started this earlier,  but so far I have now got homes for all the domestic appliances except a pretty new washer/drier.  I even managed to sell my car which is a relief.

Tomorow is the big day and tonight is the last night for using the washing machine and getting everything clean before I move into the Van.

I have got a list of articles to publish which will cover some of the new hardware I will be fitting to the van.

  • Sog,  the one I bought is the wrong one so need to order some new parts.  But I will do a step by step fitting article including photos
  • NaturePure filter and tap.  Again step by step with photos
  • Updated wiring system.  I need to document this so will post photos along with tech spec

I am also doing an article on what I consider to be the top 10 things a newbie to full timing should know.

I think I will have time to do these jobs next week so until then I have a peg for my nose and bottled water in the fridge.

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