Frozen Pipes

When I designed this van I designed it to be out of the country in winter.  As this hasn’t happened the inevitable frozen pipes struck today.

Fortunately I am on gravel over loose soil.  I have disconnected the waste pipe from under the shower so that water flows straight out of the van into a waste hog.  I will have to cut the kitchen and bathroom sink pipes though but daren’t do this until the straight through connectors arrive hopefully monday.   So for now I have to use a bowl and empty it into the shower after.  Not much of a hardship but I would guess it would grate a bit after a few days.

I have just realised that because I have built this van myself I don’t panic when things go wrong and a  solution is never more than a few minutes away.  That cheered me back up….  If this had happened in the Hymer I would have been up the creek so to speak….

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