Fulltimers meet starting to take shape

We have a range of people arriving on site now,  some are fulltimers (about half) and the rest are interested in fulltiming I think.  Looks like there will be 12 units with maybe 22 people in total.

The event tents are up now so a nice central meeting place for those who don’t want to go to the pub.

I parked right across the at the far end of the field as I wanted to run my Genny.  someone came and parked right next to me then asked me if I was going to be running it all night?  I think they were joking but not totally sure.

Oooo  Errrr.  I have only had it a week and already upsetting people 🙁  But why park right next to someone when they already have the generator running if you don’t like generators?

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