Fulltiming finances so far

So far I have been taking out £200 from the bank each monday.  My biggest weekly cost so far has been CL campsites which are averaging £45 per week.  I have been staying in one Sunday through Thursday nights and wild camping or staying on my sisters drive on friday and saturday night.

The £200 is overkill as I have been enjoying myself, eating out and going to pub but have still had £20-£50 left at the end of each week.  Once I have bought a few more things for the van I will be cutting back on my wages and leaving more to my savings.  I think £150 per week is more than enough for me to live happily on in the van.  I am spending around £40 per week on food and drink for consumption in the van which I think is stable.  The laundrette costs me £5.50 per week.  I was buying a gas cyclinder every 7-9 days until the weather turned.  The gas was costing me £22 each change.  This cylinder however has lasted me 2 weeks so far and is still going strong.

I am down to half a tank of Diesel so each tank will last me around 2 months.  This is better than I expected considering I am doing lots of little moves each day rather than long dashes cross country.  I am averaging about 10 miles a day currently.

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