Generator Smells, storage and waste hogs.

Living in a small panel van has many upsides but one of the downsides is a serious lack of storage space.  As mentioned in a previous post I now have a generator.  The big problem with these apart from guzzling petrol and making lots of noise is that they smell really bad for hours after they have been switched off.  As I have no external storage lockers like you would find on a normal coachbuilt motorhome they have to be stored either in the hab area or in the rear storage area which are not separated from the living area.

I have found a really helpful guy who is currently welding together a storage rack which is going to be welded/bolted to the back doors of the van.  This will hold the generator, petrol can and waste hog.

I bumped into him today again and he said it is looking too good.  That is always good news when even the person making it is impressed 🙂

I will be getting this fitted on Monday and am really looking forward to have a safe secure location for these extra items which generate smells…..

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