Getting Rid of Sky HD – Life without TV

I cancelled my Sky Subscription back in Dec but I have only just lost it two days ago when my 40″ TV got sold. After 2 days without a TV I can say it is much much better. I am getting a lot more done and don’t feel like I am missing anything. I will just point out I am a TV nut (recovering) and was expecting to get withdrawal symptoms within a few hours.

What I find I am doing now is using the BBC iPlayer and the Channel 4 and Channel 5 equivalents along with the iTunes player. But due to their more limited range of programs I am not watching anywhere near as much TV but what I do watch is more enjoyable. I won’t be watching any programs that I would eventually buy on DVD such as 24 and NCIS. I will just be patient and wait for them to come out as a full season.

Not only has this saved me £50 a month it has also reduced my electricity usage quite dramatically and therefore the time between EHU requirements 🙂 I have more spare time to do stuff that really matters and am more productive. I think my French lessons will go much quicker….

I also cancelled my iPhone contract and my Blackberry. However as I had built up almost 5 years of loyalty points with O2 when I cancelled they asked the reasons and I told them £35 for something I rarely used was not worth it. They asked if I would keep it at a lower price and I said possibly. They came back with £20 and I said no thanks getting ready to end the call. He then asked what it would need to be to keep. I replied “£5 – £10 just for the blackberry features” I was expected a “no chance” response. He went away and came back and told me “£10 a month, including 75 minutes and xxx texts, in addition to £50 credit to your account” Well at that I snapped his hands off. Amazing, I had gone there specifically to cancel my 2 phones and they managed to keep getting a tenner off me but gave me £50 credit in return. He was suprised at how badly I slated the iPhone.

I also canceled my old Orange DataCard and Orange didn’t try to keep my business.

All in all today has been a good day, I have cancelled over £150 a months worth of contracts. Organised the service and MOT of the van and shown a couple round my house.

I will be ordering one of the new Orange Broadband USB dongles tomorrow which will be my backup for the Alden Netmaster Satelite internet.

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