Grrr. Weather wrecks plans and leaves me pitchless

I was going to be at a rally from this Sunday for 8 days at Rutland Waters. This was for over 100 vehicles (including a bunch of Yank RV’s). The first site we had booked had to cancel on us due to the site being waterlogged and torn up by tuggers (caravaners). The second site got back to us yesterday and has also potentially cancelled.

I was setting off tomorrow. Having a day with mother to get some jobs done for her and watch the F1. I was then traveling down to the Rally on Sunday.

I am now stuck for what to do and where to go after Sunday. Two of my favourite camp sites have a limited number of hard standings and they are in use….

I think it may be time to find an industrial estate for a week and do some wild camping until the weather improves…..

I have been in a location where I could get a lot of work done this week but the rain has prevented it. So I still have a van full of vinyl wrap and other materials… So much for the drought and hosepipe ban….