House one step closer to sold

I am still not holding my breath but I just signed the transfer document today.  Still a step away from exchanging contracts and completing however but still a step in the right direction.

I didn’t get anything done on the bus today as I need the workshop and all the machines were in use all day with work for paying customers….

The cushions finally sold though,  I paid £120 for them and got £32 off ebay for them on the 4th attempt to sell.  That will teach me to get into a bidding war….

It’s a little cooler today so I was able to stay in the Bus and get some work done on my business.  I am redeveloping the website from scratch and having to learn how to do graphics.  For a technical person without an ounce of creative juice in his body it is hard going but fairly rewarding.

Spoke to a Spanish friend last night for over an hour about coming down for the winter.  I have worked out it will cost me over £700 in diesel each way….

Anyway I am off to watch a film now and wait for a friend from France to call me via skype.

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