Identity theft

Seems like I have been struck again…  I received a statement with payment demand from today.  I immediately phoned them up and they asked me to confirm my D.O.B. which matched what the fraudster had given them 🙁

They have suspended the account and have passed it onto their fraud dept.  This is really annoying because I should be spending all my time getting the house and van ready.  I leave in less that 2 weeks and now I have yet another problem to deal with…

What really suprises me is that the item the fraudster ordered never came to my house, and no one was camped in my garden to intercept the delivery.  I work from home so am rarely out of the house so it would have been very hard for them to intercept a delivery.  Oh well.  Just hope this gets resolved before it is time to make a move.

Fortunately, I have their email address and will be doing my bit to track the scumbag down.

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