Interesting MP

I watched PMQ’s as usual on Wednesday and there was the usual boisterous noise.  When Sir Peter Tapsell stood up he waited until the house went quiet and made his point in silence.  I was incredibly impressed with his bearing and the way he commanded the respect of the house.  I commented to my mother, “now that is one MP who I would like to meet”.  She then told me he was coming to her church on Saturday.  So today I went and met him.

He is the Father of the House,  The longest continuously serving MP in Parliament.   I spent 10 minutes with him and he was interesting, charming and funny.  He is the only serving MP who was elected in the 50’s and at 82 has an incredible amount of energy.

He asked me a couple of questions about my work etc and then mentioned relevant act/bills going through parliament at the moment and asked me what I thought.  He told a few anecdotes  and stories and was an all round entertaining and interesting gentleman.

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