Interesting night out…

I decided to have a night out and wandered down to a nice pub in town.   I was sat next to the bar which had a group of 8 Locals sat around it discussing the usual stuff.

They got onto the subject of pensions and what followed was brilliant.  About half of them took the labour type view of cuts are bad, cuts to pensioners are evil.  The other half were either not bothered or were prepared to do their bit for the cuts.  Each of them made good if at times slightly drunken points  It went back and forth for about half an hour with each of them remembering little snippets they heard on the news.  It slowly came to a close with them all wondering what the fuss was about…  None of them were affected or if they were it was a couple of quid a week and they had good pensions.   They decided the raising of the pension age was good and bad.  Good in that it probably made in more affordable but bad because they were hogging all the jobs..

I was really proud that a bunch of people who didn’t have anything in common other than their choice of drinking hole debated it out sensibly and without any rancour.  They ended up concluding that politicians over egg everything and they then got back to their beers and taking the mickey out of each other….

About 20 minutes later an older gentleman came in.  He was well dressed in an old fashioned kind of way with tweed 3 piece and a very posh home counties accent and manner that wouldn’t have been out of place in a stately home.   He waited at the bar for all of 2 minutes before complaining loudly about the lack of service.   The landlady (and owner) came across with a phone to her ear apologised and said she would be a few minutes.  “Well I hope it is important” was his response.

All the locals and myself went slightly quiet and waited for the next bit.   The landlady came across and asked what she could get him.  He asked if they had an Australian or New Zealand  Chardonnay or Pinot Blanc.  She went to have a look.  She said no we have an Argentinian Chardonnay.  He responded “I don’t want no bloody Argy plonk after what they are up to”.   Over the next few minutes all the countries were ruled out.  Cuba because they are communists,  Californians because they were Yanks…  Germans because of the war,  France was ruled out because they were French and it went on.  In the end he decided on Coffee.  He said yes please I will have a large Americano.  Bear in mind this is a little old fashioned pub…  She said “We do filter coffee nothing else”.   Anyway after some debate about cream or milk.  He asked for cream but separate.  Out came the coffe with a biscotti and 2 little plastic thingies of cream.  Well that was the last straw for this guy.  “How Naff”,  “it’s like being in McDonalds”   By this point the landlady was steaming and we were all laughing our socks off at this “Character”.

Anyway over the course of the next half hour he was loud and gave us opinions on a variety of subjects insulting pretty much every country on the planet.  Turns out he was a travel agent and could do us tickets to the places but didn’t understand why anyone would want to go there.   He got another coffee and took it outside to drink.  He came back in about 20 minutes later with his iPhone and charger and asked the landlady if she could possibly be a darling and hook him up.   He was told no in no uncertain terms to which he walked out.

By this time I was slightly tipsy as I had had a few more beers while watching this all unfold.  I started to walk back to the van and stopped in at a another pub on the way and had another bottle.  As I came out I noticed a traditional Turkish restaurant and thought I would see if they did lamb shank dishes.   Great news they did.  So I had this and on the third attempt a decent Turkish coffee.  What a lovely place, Fantastic food and great staff.

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