Latest update.

I am hoping the house sale will complete tomorrow and I can pick up a cheque.  I will then be looking for a van to live in…..

The Bus is on borrowed time now and the relief of being homeless is suprising me.

A quick tip.  I had to sell my computer as powering it while in the van would not be practical.  I am now using a very cheap and cheerful netbook with a 10″ screen.  It is great on batteries lasting up to 11 hours but the screen size makes working tricky at times.  I have only just found out about the F11 key in FireFox which gives you full screen.  I am now in the habit of hitting F11 once a webpage opens and hitting it again to close it.  It’s an extra step I know but when using a small netbook it is a small price to pay.

Business has slowed right down as it usually does once the sun comes out so fitting out the van and moving stuff over from the bus will be easier than trying to do the bus was last winter.  I will then be mobile and can start looking for more work.

Anyway much more news once I start building.

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