Left Wales, Storm Katie and emergency call out from pub.

After 6 months in Wales I finally headed back to the East Coast and Lincolnshire.  It was a beautiful warm day for the drive back and I was really enjoying myself.  I got about 70 or so miles into the drive and started to notice lots of Caravans on the road.  Oh crap,  it’s a bank holiday weekend.   I usually drive on a tuesday as it is the best day for traffic,  however I needed to do the trip this day due to circumstances.  There were loads of traffic jams which were all fortunately in the opposite direction.  It appears everyone heads to Wales for Bank Holidays.

Half way up the M5 I had a DOH!!! moment when I realised I had left my hookup cable back at Jim’s.  Oh well I still had my short one, I will just have to be careful which CL’s I stay at.

I arrived back in Coningsby at around 19:30, had a coffee and a chat with mother then went back out to the van.  I got it tidied up and had a wander to the pub.  I hadn’t been to a pub in well over 6 months so was looking forward to it.   I just got my second beer when my skype app on my phone started going nuts.  I looked at it and it was a clients server that had gone down and he was desperate.   Needless to say I wasn’t too pleased.  I put my best martyrs head on and half ran half walked back to the van.  3 hours later the server was back up and running and I went to bed.  It required another 2 hours work the next day to sort it out to the satisfaction of the client.  Not a good start to my 4 day holiday….

Then we were struck by Storm Katie.  No damage to the van but it meant I got no solar input which was a downer as I had used quite a bit of battery power to run my inverter and main computer the night before.

On Tuesday morning it was time to head off for my annual trip to Louth.  You can’t make it up…  The damn van wouldn’t start at all no matter how long I cranked it.   Asked the guy in the local garage if he could get me going.  £10 gone plus another £6.99 for some easy start just in case.  He is pricing up the diesel pre-heater device for me.  I am fed up of the lousy/non starting when cold.  I am guessing that will be another couple of £100 if not more…  I had better start getting some freelancing work in this week.

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