Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre – Fireworks Display

We decided to visit the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre  at East Kirkby to see the Lancaster Bomber close up and see what was billed as the biggest Fireworks Display in Lincolnshire.

We turned up on the Friday night and were told to park up near some storage sheds.  They didn’t really plan on having campers stay overnight but as we had phoned ahead they accommodated us and were very friendly and helpful.  The ticket for the whole weekend was £10 and covered access to the museum, hanger, a firework display and viewing of the Lancaster bomber doing taxi runs.

After booking in we had a wander to the local pub The Red Lion Inn.   What a fantastic night.  The food was amazing.   One of us wasn’t really that hungry so asked for a ham sandwich and chips.  The ham was hand carved and seriously thick.  The bread was a cob almost as big as my head.  The chips were hand cut and home cooked not oven chips or fries and from memory was only about £3-4.  The atmosphere was friendly and lots of fun was had with the regulars.

While there I obviously disappeared outside for a smoke and wandered a little way down the road and saw the pub car park.  There were signs saying motorhomes welcome.  I don’t know if it is free or if they charge but if you like good hearty pub grub and a friendly boozer this may be a good place to stay.

Anyway after staggering back to the vans and getting a good nights sleep we were looking forward to seeing the Lancaster in action and looking round the museum and hangar.

The museum was interesting and worth a visit.  The Lancaster was amazing.   They let you stand to each side of it behind some barriers with the tips of the wings over your head.  They then rev up the engine so you can feel what it sounds like.  Yes I said feel…  Hearing a Lancaster in the sky is one of my favourite sounds but you don’t really get a sense of the power of those engines until you are stood not more than 20 feet away from them as they rev up.   That alone was worth the entry fee.   The Lanc then does a run up and down the airfield with some passengers.


Click picture to view full size.

That night we went back to see the last Taxi run,  we had Roast pork and stuffing sandwiches ( £4) and a couple of tins of beer.  Then came the firework display.

All I can say is WOW….   That display lived up to and exceeded its billing.  It was the best display I have ever seen.


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