Living in a Motorhome Fulltime, any questions? 6

I am coming up on 7 years of living in a Van / Motorhome and thought now would be a good time to write some articles on the life style.

To this end if you have any questions about living in a van or a motorhome Fulltime please get in touch and I will start answering them in the next couple of posts.

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6 thoughts on “Living in a Motorhome Fulltime, any questions?

  • andy

    am faced with the prospect of having to sort out residency status ( i was using a previous address for proof etc but can no longer do this) what have you been doing?

  • Gromett Post author

    I will put together a post on this subject in the near future. I hope you get your status sorted.

  • Tom Rawlinson

    You’ve missed a trick on Internet access – many mobiles do “Tethering” now, they use the data available on their signal and turn it into a local WiFi spot. Picked up on an iPad or a laptop.

    I was doing it on short trips with a 500Mb tariff, have upped it to 2Gb which is over the top for me, you might need 20Gb.

    I think there’s enough bandwidth to watch videos and it pulls down in full satellite glory as you’re driving (I did that on long trips on the 500Mb tariff for a while before I ran over!) You can still make calls and take pictures while accessing data.

    I’ve got this facility on my 4 year old Samsung S3 Mini, a model discontinued in Korea but selling second hand in many places and now being made in Vietnam or somewhere.

    A useful feature of this model (but its either the last model to do so or the Samsung J3 may have it!) is a removable battery, easily chargeable with a 250v plug top (and probably from 12v?) while you run the phone on a spare (and keep charging while in use).

    I don’t think we’ll ever full-time but reading your blog keeps the dream alive!

  • Gromett Post author

    Thank you for your comment. I am aware of tethering and use it for occasional use. However Tethering is not a good solution long term for fulltimers for a number of reasons.
    The first is that a lot if not most of the service providers either discourage or outright ban excessive use of this feature. Abusing it may lead to the contract being terminated.

    As a fulltimer mobile internet access becomes ever more important, not only for communication, but research and entertainment. Having your phone blocked without warning would be problematic for most of us to say the least.

    I am currently reviewing a couple of devices and will be doing a fairly comprehensive write up in the near future.

    As for your fulltiming dreams. I dreamt about it for a long time but always had a reason not to go for it. In the end I just decided to do it and work on any problems after the fact. From making the decision to moving out of my house took 6 weeks. A year later I sold my house and I haven’t looked back since. This May will be 8 years and I was only initially planning on doing it for 2 years.

  • Trish

    Hi. I’m looking for advice on a mailbox, I’ve been using boatmail for 3 years but have read a few comments on facebook that it’s going to be clamped down on. Can you recommend any please?

  • Gromett Post author

    I use a company called Mail Boxes Etc. They have locations all over the country. They may not be suitable for everyone though.
    I use a family member for insurance and vehicle registration as the fulltiming insurance wanted a domestic address.
    If anyone reading these comments has any recommendations for Trish please post here.