Monday night, Still haven’t started packing and I move out on Thursday….

The title says it all.  I should really be panicing about going fulltime,  I should be really panicing about moving out of my house and renting it out.  But strangely I am so chilled and relaxed.

I will start packing tomorow I think.  2 days should be enough.  We shall see…

On the upside,  today I learnt a fair bit about auto electrical work and plumbing.   The Boiler sprang a leak and after isolating it at 3 different points the water stopped pouring out.  Found that there was a faulty valve.  got a replacement from the local plumbers merchant and after 2 attempts to fix it got it in without any leaks.  I do love that PTFE tape.

Then the cars electric windows wouldn’t wind up.  I had already swapped the switch for the drivers side with the passengers side so couldnt’ do that.  Lots of prodding around with the multimeter while pressing buttons tracked it down to a broken conductor in the cables where they pass out of the door into the door frame.  Snip and solder wrapped in 10 layers of tape good as new 🙂

So thats why I didn’t start packing today.  There is always tomorow.

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