MOT and repairs

I finally have a date when Mum gets into Hospital.  28th March is the date.  She will be in for 5 days to have the old artificial hip joint removed and some temporary packing installed.  She will then be sent home for 4-6 weeks to let the antibiotics do their magic.  Then it is back in to get a fresh hip joint fitted.  She will then hopefully be able to start recovering fully.  I am hoping based on current information that by June she will be fully mobile and well on the road to recovery.

I will then be able to start my travels in earnest.   The Scotland Trip has been binned,  so currently I am looking at doing the Stratford Upon Avon show,   Touring a bit of Wales then back to the Malvern Show to meet up with JJ and co.

I have just had the MOT done,  it failed on some minor issues but some major repairs were recommended.   I went back after a few days and got the MOT done.

I still need to get new leaf springs.  The current ones are single leaf and are fully inverted.  I have a price for triple leaf springs at £336 which isn’t’ too bad.  Probably going to cost £100-£200 in labour on top of that.
The next job after that is the gear box.  Then after that a new fridge.   Once these jobs are done I am hoping that is the last of the big spends and I can start saving and travelling a lot lot more.

Yesterday I got the Oil Sump replaced which wasn’t too bad of a job,  it only took an hour and cost £120 all in.  I already had the new oil sump which I bought off ebay for half the price the motor factors wanted.

If things go to plan and finances don’t take another hit, I am hoping to get over to Europe for a few months in the summer,  Back to the UK for a month or two to visit family then back to Portugal for the Winter.   I really don’t want to have another nasty winter in the UK….