MOT – Work done but what a nightmare

I was booked in again yesterday morning for my MOT work.

  1. Top Strut Bearing Passenger Side
  2. New Radiator
  3. Anti Roll Bar Bushes
  4. Welding on two sides
  5. Handbrake passenger side none functional
  6. Headlights adjusting.

By 1pm only the Radiator had been fitted.  I was starting to worry that the job wouldn’t get done in time.  I am only here for 2 more days and after postponing for them on monday I was short of time.

In the afternoon things seemed to pick up a little.  At 13:15 they started work again pulling the top strut out.  At 14:30  after a lot of hamering on the floor with a little metal disk the boss came over and a little huddle ensued.  After a few minutes the boss walked back to the office holding the new top strut bearing.   About half an hour later he came out to do something else and I asked him if there was a problem.  he said that his usual supplier sends the thing as a single unit.  The new supplier sends the bearing and if you want the other bit you have to order it.  I have no idea what the other bit is so don’t ask…  He told me it was coming from Grimsby and should be here this afternoon.

At this point they started on the welding……   This should have been a straight forward job but I had insulated the van really well using two part polyurethane foam.  This had filled up the sills.

Unfortunately this catches fire when exposed to a mig welder so they spend half an hour gouging out all my nice insulation.   They didn’t sweep up after so when they started welding the sparks dropping in masses of showers set fire the the foam on the floor right under the welding kit…..

Anyway,  I was expecting the young lads to down tools promptly at 5pm.  The new part arrived at 4 with only half the welding done.   The three young lads looked at their watches I think and decided to gang up on the job.  The work progressed very quickly from this point on.  The anti rollbar bushes were fitted by one lad while another was re-assembling the top strut while the third finished off the welding.

Whilst the lad was doing the anti roll bar bushes he looked up at the sump and poked it with his finger and a chunk of coagulated oil fell off.   He called me across to look at it.  The bottom of the sump is seeping.  It doesn’t look like it will give way in a week or so but does need doing.  I went to the office to get a price…   They can’t get OEM parts so it is a dealer spare at £250….

They had it all done by ten past five…  It got it’s MOT certificate and I got my almost £500 bill.

Still on my list of things to do.

  1. New rear leaf spring £4-500 fitted
  2. New Sump £350 fitted
  3. New Tyres all Round £300
  4. Gearbox ??????
  5. Wheel arches wire brushing and undersealing (bad but not fatal corrosion)

I have now spent more on repairs to this van than I did buying it in the first place.  Boy did I buy a lemon.   This is the first time in my life I have bought a bad one…  Lessons learnt.

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