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A recent commenter asked the following.

I was wondering if you can tell us about the daily life in the rv parking. how do you get along with the neighbors and so on.
thanks alot

This is one of those “how long is a piece of string” questions.  It all depends on what you want out of a site and which country you are in etc.

For example,  if you are touring France you have a choice of Aires, Private site and Municipal sites.  I always use Aires.  With Aires a lot depends on location.  If you stay on one next to a major touristy area you will be rolling the dice as to what your neighbours are going to be like.  If however you choose Aires in small villages off the beaten track you are unlikely to have any neighbours at all.

In the UK I always try to stay on Adult only CL’s.  I use these to avoid the more boisterous of my fellow countrymen (and ladies) and have not had a really bad one yet.  However when I stay on commercial sites occasionally you do have to expect badly behaved parents letting their kids shout and scream, play football or tennis against the side of your van and dogs barking.  Do not go to big commercial sites if you expect peace and quiet.  However they do offer some other upside like a bar or restaurant etc.

If you have any more specific questions I will of course do my best to answer.

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