Nerve racking day tomorrow.

The campsite I am on at the moment has two hard standings.  The one I am on is a thin long one and I have been accommodating to another motorhomer and am sharing it.  They are parked in front of me.

Tomorrow morning I have to be off site at 8am so have to trundle across the grass to get out and it is predicting more rain.  The grass is waterlogged so I hope I don’t get stuck.  That is my first worry.

My second worry is that I am getting my oil sump replaced tomorrow.  Now the garage I am getting it done at couldn’t get an OEM part from their regular suppliers so would have had to go to FIAT main dealers and it would have been £250.  Add the labour, oil and oil filter then the vat and it was going to be an expensive job.  I found one on ebay brand new for 77 Euros.  I ordered this and a new gasket.   Tomorrow I find out if I have the right part.  I am a little nervous about this as there were many parts and suppliers all of which marked or labled them differently.  I am reasonably confident I got the right one but I won’t know until they take the old one off and try to fit it….

My back passenger side tyre is almost flat again.  I had the compressor out today to pump it up ready for tomorrow and the damn thing is broken…  So I will have to drive slowly and carefully to the garage to get it pumped up.

Luckily it is not totally flat just very low.  So I should be ok.

My gas ran out this morning,  I should have topped off the Gaslow before I came here but it had been topped up 3 days before so thought I would be alright.  It was 05:30 this morning and it was dry but I decided not to change it over till 08:00 so I didn’t disturb my neighbours.  I put my fan heater on and went without my early morning coffee.   No good dead goes unpunished.  At 07:50 just as I was getting dressed to change the cylinder it started chucking it down.  It finally eased off at 09:00.   I then went out to find that the adapter I use on the Gaslow cyclinder wasn’t as tight as the regulator thread.  When I tried to undo the regulator the adapapter was unscrewing.  A quick dig in my tool box for my pipe pliers and panic set it.  They werent’ there….  Damn no gas and no way to change over…

I then thought back to the last time I used them and it was when I was trying to fit the new taps in the kitchen sink.  I searched the cupboard and they weren’t there (or were they?).   Anyway after trying everything I went back into the cupboard and found them hiding under the paper plates…..  Big relief and 5 minutes later I had my cuppa.

Wednesday I leave this campsite and go off hookup for 10 days.  This will be the first time I have been off hookup with all 3 solar panels installed so we will see how that works out.  I am guessing I will need to fire up the genny at some point with the weather being so bad…

Thursday it is the drive down to Peterborough for the show.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone again.  It looks like the club ( has 100 vans  turning up so the parties should be great…

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