New Career Chosen

Up until now I have been running a small internet hosting company.   This has become increasingly difficult over the years and after 18 years of it I have just about burnt out.  I sold the business at the end of January and was intending to just do consulting and software development.  I wanted a backup plan just in case this didn’t work out so decided to get my HGV license.

The more I thought about it and researched it the more attractive the whole idea became.  I have now decided to get out of computer related industries as a means of earning a primary income and concentrate on doing truck driving.  It can be hard work and I understand this.  However working for agencies I can work when I want and if I want and the money is pretty good once you get your CE ( Class 1 ).  I will still be doing internet related stuff but more as a sideline/hobby as I really do enjoy it.

I am booked in for my CPC course on the 16th March.  While I am there I am taking my assessment drive and will immediately book in for my C (Class 2) training and test.

My idea is to work in the UK during the nicer weather,  then when it turns crappy take a few months off and get down to Portugal for the nicer weather.  It will probably take me some time to get the experience under my belt so that I have a regular run of work when I need it.  However I live very cheaply as a fulltimer so even 10-20 hours a week at the low end of the pay scale will be enough for me to live comfortably on.

I will post more on this subject as and when it happens.

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