New Cat… Maybe

I have wanted another cat ever since the owner took the last one back…  However the latest van is too small so I haven’t considered it seriously.

I left Stratford upon Avon today and went back to my friends factory in Retford for a couple of weeks so I could get some work done and have a few beers with friends.

As soon as I got there one of the young lads grabbed me and took me to his van.  He had a gorgeous little kitten in there which his dogs had almost chomped the night before.  It had been waiting for him when he got to his van this morning to go to work.  It appears to have been dumped and is badly malnourished.  There are lots of foxes and dogs in the area so he didn’t fancy its chances of survival so brought it into work today and was going to take it to a rescue place tonight.

I spoke to my mum who is looking for a cat and she agreed to have it off me if we can’t live together in such a small space.  I think it is going to be a struggle at first but I couldn’t resist giving her a chance..  Either way she will be be well loved…

A trip to the pet shop and £25 lighter and…. She has settled in and made herself right at home.

She follows me everywhere…  The second picture was taken while I was trying to strip vinyl wrap of the van and she kept lying right next to me…

I am going to give it 2-3 days to see if we can live together in such a small space.  If it doesn’t my mother is looking forward to a new friend…

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