New year, GalaTent spamming and lack of posts

I haven’t posted for a while as there hasn’t been much to say.  I am still stuck in the area as my mother is still not recovered from her op over a year ago.

I am at Louth for 4 weeks now.  I have friends joining me for new years eve so we ordered a pop up 3 x 3 pagoda with 4 side panels, tie down straps and a halogen heater so we can sit outside and watch the fireworks etc.

The halogen heater was ordered from a company called Gala Tent.  I would strongly recommend you don’t order from them in the future as they spam your email address and mobile phone number with text messages. This is a major offence in my book.  I get enough of this crap from scammers without people I have chosen to trust with my details doing it as well.  I gave them my email address so they could update me on the status of my order.  I gave them my mobile number so they could pass it on to the courier to make delivery easier.  I didn’t give it to them so they could spam me with crap…  Yup I am furious…

They sell on ebay and have a website at  There are plenty of other suppliers who can provide the same gear at the same price so no loss to me.  It does drive me up the wall.  Why do these companies think I want to be constantly reminded that they exist.  It is just plain irritating and they are now on the same list as the DSG group of companies that I will actively recommend people steer clear of.


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