New Year plans

I will have been fulltiming for 4 years this year and I still haven’t managed to get abroad due to one problem or another.  This year I am determined.  I do have a few jobs on the van to do before I go;

  • Replace the gearbox.
  • sort out the front wheel arches
  • finish vinyl wrapping
  • replace the bathroom sink (I broke it)
  • fix the thetford cassette
  • build the new wardrobe area and fit the new fridge.
  • get the second gaslow bottle and fit properly

I am sure there are other jobs on the list but those are the main ones off the top of my head.  I aim to have all this done by April.  If I can get this all sorted and get the van through the MOT I will head over to France for May and June.

Back to the UK for the Summer and get myself to some motorhomefun meets, catch up with friends and visit family.  Then hopefully back to portugal for the winter.

We will have to see how this all goes as the plans have broken down very quickly the last 3 years….


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