Peterborough Show and Solar Panels

I arrived at the Peterborough show yesterday at about 2pm and took 45 minutes of queuing to get in.  The field was wet but not totally waterlogged so as long as you kept moving you were fine.

I did my dash to my pitch and stopped the engine.  Others who stopped short of their pitch to put mats down or get the ramps out found themselves stuck and not on their plot… A wait for the tractor was then required.

I have now been off hookup for 2 days.   The meter is showing I have used 74 Ah out of the battery.  This is less than half of what I would normally use so the solar panels are doing their work really well.

In this weather I wouldn’t expect solar panels to make me self sufficient but they are stay extenders or can increase time between having to drag the genny out.

Yesterday morning I was 42 AH down.  By 6pm I was 24AH down.   This morning I was 76AH down but I have been on the computer a lot so basically the solar panels have maintained the charge level but not really put anything back into the battery.  I expect by tomorrow morning I will be much further down.   Without the solar panels I would have been starting the generator today or running it all day tomorrow.

With the computer off I am getting 2-3Amps going into the batteries so without the computer I would be keeping my batteries up to full charge over a daily cycle….

I think once the new smaller fridge is installed and the new Ivy Bridge laptop is purchased things will improve dramatically…  Having said that, there has been no clear sun today as it is horizon to horizon cloud cover..

Tractors were needed to pull everyone off the field at the end of the show.


Right Window Left window Honking it down OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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